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I was walking down the road, on a cloudy day. It looked as if it would rain at any moment. The atmosphere was getting darker. I noticed a sense of urgency in the people to reach the destination.
There was a soft breeze and then down pour of rain. Everyone started rushing and running towards shops for shelter. I too found a place and stood there for sometime. Everyone was watching the rainfall and a few predicting heavier rainfall.
As expected it did start to rain heavily. Until then I could hear only the noise of the market, which now had transformed solely into the sound of rain.
No one in the crowd was disturbed by the rain. I didn’t see any one chatting with each other. No one bothered to look at their phones. Unconsciously almost like an instinct everyone seemed focused on the rain including few street dogs. It was as though every one wanted that ten minutes break to see the happiness within. Few minutes later the rain stopped and everyone, everything was back to pavilion.
10 minutes of rain! I saw the miracles of life! The universe constantly gives those miracle moments in our daily life. Most of the times we are consciously unconscious to recognize those moments. It’s important to be consciously aware to enjoy those moments in our daily life
By Roshan Dsouza

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