On August 18th while I was returning from Mumbai by Udyan Express something memorable happened. I was at the station  an hour early so sat there looking around. Something caught my eyes as never before.  I saw a man without shirt frantically looking for something to eat.  I could not see him […]


The Shake that shook me

It was my 34th Birthday. For this birthday I had an idea of doing something different. I thought of spending  few hours with Amar a boy who was  admitted in the hospital with Skin deformity and Bone TB. To make the matters worse he had adverse drug reaction due to which […]

Daily Miracles

I was walking down the road, on a cloudy day. It looked as if it would rain at any moment. The atmosphere was getting darker. I noticed a sense of urgency in the people to reach the destination. There was a soft breeze and then down pour of rain. Everyone […]