Memories good or bad are lasting especially if they are from the childhood. Lucky for you if they are good. If not they can leave an indelible mark in the growth of a child’s personality. Here’s a true untoward incident that happened in my early school days that nearly left me crippled for the rest of my childhood. Thanks for the innumerable opportunity I received for personality development. Now I am a different person.

It was the year 1992 and I was six years old when I started my primary schooling. My family had everything for a balanced life with good motivation for education.  I was quiet and introvert.  

It was my first day in the school.  The school was nearly 10 kilometers away from home. We had to walk all the way to school.  I was accompanied by my sisters. Sure enough there were many instructions of do’s and don’ts.  One of them was to listen to the bell ringing. If it’s short bell it is for break and if its long it is to go home.

Since it was my first day, I was very much attentive to the sound of the longest bell. It was afternoon 1:PM and I heard the longest bell and saw the chaos too. Students were going in and out hurriedly.  Unsure of what to do, I left the school heading home without waiting for my sisters. Calmly yet fearfully I walked towards my home.  

Here in the school there was another chaos. My sisters couldn’t find me in the class room. It was almost a panic attack to them. After a long search they too headed home only to find that I hadn’t still reached. Frantic search began all over and my parents looked for me everywhere in the familiar places and calculating in the nearest route I might have been stranded.

On the other side, here I was walking all the way home taking the longest route and a way that was familiar to me. From far I could see my home approaching and there was a sign of victory in my heart. Little did I know what was awaiting for me at home.

At home everyone was fearful, in panic, there was chaos, and tension and lot of hustle bustle regarding me. Over and over I was asked the reason of my actions and was strictly warned not to repeat again. I was so terrified with the incident that next time I took to some adventurous feet I thought twice and this crippled me of my spontaneity. Though this incident had a bad impact on me,  today as a grown up adult I can relate to the incident from their point of view and feel perfectly at ease. Because even I would do the same if I was in their   situation.  

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