We are now in the 21st century surrounded by a technology that makes our life  easier and faster. Looking at the tremendous progress human beings have made we can say that we have pushed ourselves to the last bit and tried to change the limits of what we can see. We also have made new achievements in the journey that we have been set out. We have not left any stone unturned to find what lays in the deepest ocean, to go into the thickest forest or to climb the ice filled mountains. We have been able to launch ourselves into the space, to the moon and to the planets and to observe the universe and all that lies beyond. All this sounds very good and very impressing. But the sad factor is that we have been able to accomplish what lies afar from us but what we have forgotten is the closest companion and the most powerful companion that is “our body”.

Our body is a very powerful machine. It is almost incomprehensible to think how our eyes, ears and the tongue functions. Its so astounding to think of the work that our body accomplishes day in and day out. When we watch a body from outside, we feel it is as a big machine. But no man-made machine will run for a life time. Let’s look at our hearts, our kidneys, our stomach, and our entire brain system. It’s too wonderful to look at.

It is good at times to take some time and reflect how do we take care of it. Most people do not even bother to think a little deeper. The only way they care about their body is in the way they appear. They worry on how unshaped they are, or not having a ideal curvy body or not having a muscular body. This ends up in permanent unhappiness and it is these who start making body a waste bin.

If we want to be happy and contented in life, we need to begin to treat our bodies as sacred. The first sign of sacredness of the body is to accept as it is and be a great friend of oneself.

We need to listen and respect our body. Our bodies are not dust bins where we put all kinds of stuff (emotional, physical and psychological) in it. Today even the dust bins are categorized. We cannot put all kinds of waste in the dust bins. They are divided into various categories such as plastic, glass, and other bio-degradable items. So why making our body which is very sacred a mixture of all kinds of unwanted emotions which only precipitates in the end as a sick body?

Let’s view some of the ways how we make our body a dust bin. In the first place let us check on our food. Do we eat food in a healthy manner or do we over eat? Do we believe that in order not to waste food we need to finish all? I remember what my mom did one day. When everyone finished dinner there was a little food left over in one of the dishes. Since no one wanted my mom in order not to waste food she had it without listening to her body. Our bodies are our greatest friends, our well-wishers. We need to listen if we want to stay healthy.

Another aspect we need to remember to remain healthy is to be psychologically sound. We have the power to keep all the negative energies away from us. It is only when we refuse to listen to our body and feed constantly with anger, fear, resentment, frustration, and anxiety they create extra stress in our body and mind.Our body can become house of hatred, jealousy, hurts, pains, sadness and sorrows. Over years of harnessing it can turn out into various sicknesses which will eventually kill us.

So, it is very important to care for our bodies, about what we feed, be it physical or psychological. The more we treat it as sacred the more we can remain healthy and happy. If we keep on treat it as a dust bin it will surely over the time turn out to be dust bin where people will find  all kinds of physical, emotional and psychological filth and dirt.

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