During this lock-down period, Our food intake has increased. We are continuously eating in small quantities throughout the day out of which sweet or dessert is an unavoidable part.

During such times we should keep in mind our oral health.

Following are some tips to keep in mind for our oral health during the Covid-19 crisis:

1) Brush twice daily.

Make it a point to brush twice daily especially at night as the food that has been lodged during the day can increase the incidence of caries (decay/ cavity).

2) Floss regularly.

Make a habit to floss as it keeps the contact points of the teeth clean where sometimes the brush cannot reach.

3) Gargle after every meal.

Make it a point to gargle after every meal, also if possible gargle with salt water once a day.

4) Eat Healthy.

Make it a point to eat healthy food. Incorporate fruits, vegetables and milk in the diet.

A healthy smile is a happy smile.

Take Care: Stay Safe

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