First time in my life I wished to be physically blind. It was when I sat with a few visually impaired students in a classroom I appreciated the power of seeing from within. I felt that they did not need EYES because they had them already.
They were greater because they could smile at me without actually seeing how I looked like, they could talk to me without knowing from where I came from. I was elated as I gazed at each child with such a CONFIDENCE and JOY. Sitting down with them I was trying to see with my closed eyes and felt helpless. As they were singing, playing chess and reading books I could not believe my EYES! It was hard for me believe that these players were VISUALLY IMPAIRED.
The dominant feeling that captured me in their presence was JOY. These children did not seek pity instead saw me in their heart and captured quickly the energy of being connected and started sharing their life.
Hats off to every child that came across to me today reminding me that having EYES without a HEART to see from within is like having a home without a MOTHER.
As I returned I promised them that I would visit them again not to give EYES to them but to FIND my own.
Writen By: Cynthia Dsouza Ssps

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