Growing up in this world is both a joyous and a painful endeavour. Many at times we have been wounded physically due to a fall, or through a sickness etc. Due to immediate medical help that we receive we have been able to cure them quickly, or  at times it must have taken time longer than we expected. Similar to the physical wounds there do exist mental wounds created by broken relationships, rejections, hatred and jealousy. Just like the physical wounds they too need to be treated. At times more urgent than the physical ones. At times the hurt they create can be so deep they even have the capacity to harm our physical self if we do not pay attention to them.

Forgiveness is the best medicine which will cure our internal wounds. At times it will seem to us impossible a task. But we need to address them. We need to sit with every rejection, every insult, every letting down that has caused our self so dull and talk to it. It is only when we begin to take seriously our self like a close friend or precious thing so close to us can it start talking to us. And through this we can help it to rise higher to realize the fullness of humanity flowering in us.  It is only then we can really live our lives.

Photography by Ginigeophotography

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