As I am writing this blog,  one thing that I hear about in this Covid pandemic time is to “Go Digital” or Digital Marketing. Our general understanding on Digital marketing is getting the leads from Email marketing, Facebook ads, social media etc.  Are you one of them who is confused about Digital “Marketing”  , Yes I just separated marketing from Digital because Digital is one of the mediums to market the product.

Are you aspiring to build a career or a business around Digital Marketing ?

If yes then this article is for you.  As you are reading this article I recommend you to think about a business or carrier that you are thinking of in your mind, so that you can relate to it.  Also recommend you to take the notes. It’s going to be fun 🙂

Before even starting digital marketing, It’s important to know about Marketing.  Let’s do a deep dive on fundamentals of Marketing

In simple words, marketing is understanding the customer and customer needs.  So marketing starts before even creating the product. Based on the customer’s needs, the product gets created. It’s all about sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

Marketing is not only about acquiring new customers but it is also about keeping the existing customer happy by constantly communicating with them.  It’s also a tool to build trust.

Marketing is a means to an end:- The purpose of marketing is to build a brand and capture position in the mind of the consumer.

For example when you think about search engines, the first thing that comes to your mind is Google.  So google is not required to market itself as Search engine.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.. The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous” — By  Peter Drucker

Only Good marketing skills will not help in the long run, but a good or quality product and  effective marketing  skill can. So focus on building a Quality product. A great product converts customers into brand ambassadors. People trust recommendations from others more than ever in this era. 

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believeSimon Sinek

So while creating the product its important to identify the “why” part in it.

So I hope you realized the  importance of creating a quality product, and marketing helps to discover the product and also help to create a good perception about the product. 

Why do we need to build a strong brand?

Every market becomes a two player market in the long run. People will remember only the No 1 or No 2 player in the market.  So it’s important to build a strong presence by building a brand. In order to achieve this you need to decide where to compete and  choose a category or subcategory  and be the leader in that category. 

Why do you need to focus on learning marketing ?

Marketing cannot be replaced by a robot. So marketing education will remain forever and it’s rooted in human psychology. It’s also a valuable investment because it gives you a direct return. (ROI)  

So if you are starting a product, it’s important to know about the marketing skills because it cannot be outsourced to some agency. Because in order to create a product,  you need to understand the market in the first place.

Since you are aspiring for Digital marketing, it’s important to know about the difference between Digital and traditional marketing.

Even though we are talking about digital marketing, the traditional market also will play a major role in the market. It’s important to know your target audience while choosing the product.

Traditional marketing is generally done for generic products to target the wide audience. For example TV ads, new paper ads, Radio ads. In India,  traditional marketing has a huge audience compared to Digital marketing. Digital marketing is a medium used  to reach an affluent English speaking population.

One of the major disadvantages of traditional marketing is you cannot personalize the communication, you cannot explore deep marketing and do natural sales. 

I hope now you have a fair idea about your audience as far as digital marketing is concerned.

Now you may ask me what do i need to do next after identifying the audience

You may have identified your audience based on a problem statement or any other reason.  It’s important to find your niche based on your target audience. So let’s understand the CATT Marketing Funnel and framework 

Wealth = n^CATT

  1. n: Niche
  2. C: Content
  3. A: Attention 
  4. T: Trust 
  5. T: Transaction

Selecting the niche is a very important task since your success and wealth is directly correlated to your niche . Then create useful content regarding your niche to attract people within the targeted audience. Then drive attention to your content by creating traffic through SEO, social media. Also build trust with your audience through marketing automation and re targeting.  Then convert your leads into customers by selling the product.

Choose your ideal Niche

So now you may ask me how I can choose my niche. This entirely depends on your passion. But make sure that you have the combination of passion, talent and marketing skills.  

Have you heard of integrated digital marketing ? 

You can do digital marketing in different channels like Content marketing, paid advertising, email marketing SEO and Social media. Many people try to get results in each and every segment and arrive at a conclusion that email marketing is not working or google ads don’t work.

Instead of focusing on each segment you can integrate all these components so that it can work as a machine. For example,  you can run a paid ad for your free content to gain attention on your product. So interested audiences will subscribe to your blog which will help you to create your email list. So people will read content whenever a new post is published. Then you can list your content on Search engines.  Also you can use social media to share your content. So paid ads will give the momentum towards your content and people start building the trust on your product and then you can go and transact by converting into sale.

If you are still reading this article,  you may have heard a lot about personal branding or influential people. 

You may have noticed that you are able to connect better when you receive an email from a person than a company!!

People want to hear from people, not from brands. Whenever you communicate to people, people want to hear from you. It becomes more personalized communication. Personal communications are personal and deep.

Also a personal brand can give rise to many brands by influence.

The Evolution of persona brand

  1. Learn :- Learn a new skill, understand the concepts and practice the procedures
  2. Work :- Start working on the new found skill and implement it. 
  3. Blog :- Write about whatever you learned through your work and it will enable you to create  unique content
  4. Consult :- You can consult others’ business rather than working for them.  
  5. Mentor :- Then you can teach other people. Mentoring will help you to scale your understanding.
  6. Start up:- Start your own Product and services  business with your own understanding that you have developed about the market. Now you know the problems faced and you have the skills to solve it.


Now you may have got the clarity on how digital marketing can work for you.  You have learned a lot on marketing,  personal branding etc..

Digital marketing is simple, can be self learnt. It does not require any degree or a formal education. Also you can get mentored by Digital Deepak

If you have read this blog until this point, please do not forget to provide your valuable feedback in the comment section.

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  1. A nice overview and understanding the fundamentals of Digital Marketing, overall it was good although it can be improved by taking examples if you really wanna deep dive.. All in all it was knowledge packed from start till end!!

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