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It was in the evening around 5 PM, as I was passing through the market amidst a large crowd and vehicles, I was pushed by the heavy crowd and  ended up disarraying some of the vegetables arranged on the streets by a vegitable vendor. I quickly acknowledged and re-arranged those vegetables. Though the seller was angry and was shouting at me, I gracefully apologized and walked away.
As I walked further, I reflected about the incident and asked myself some questions like Why am I sorry about the incident. I could have justified myself by arguing with the lady and be right. Instead I chose to be kind just because that was my way…Yes BEING KIND gives me peace.
Yes we allow our ego to govern the situation instead of love, when we are trying to be right all the time without being kind. It may be on the road with a with fellow rider, in the bus with the conductor, in our family, parents with children and children with parents, in the restaurant with the waiter for delayed service.
Lesson Learnt;
Being right makes your mind temporarily happy. Being Kind helps you to be happy within for eternity and gain immense self respect.

Written by : Roshan Dsouza

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