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On August 18th while I was returning from Mumbai by Udyan Express something memorable happened. I was at the station  an hour early so sat there looking around.

Something caught my eyes as never before.  I saw a man without shirt frantically looking for something to eat.  I could not see him clearly though. He kept searching for some time until he found something.  I went a little near and what I saw, filled my eyes. He was literally picking up food from the Garbage. By the time I reached, he had picked up the 5-6 small packets of rice which definitely someone must have wasted the previous night. It was spoiled as I could smell stale. I saw him eating as if he had not eaten for some days.

I quickly got back to my seat, picked up my lunch box and walked towards this man.  I asked if he liked to eat parata. He nodded with much joy.   I gave it away feeling satisfied at the turn of events.

You cannot do everything to everyone but definitely you can do something to someone!!
If we allow these words to sink in our hearts … our hearts are sure to grow larger with kindness and love for humanity.
By Cynthia Dsouza

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