It was Sunday morning around 7:30 AM, as I was walking back home after the jogging, a rider asked me, to direct him to the main road. As I knew the nearest possible route, I confidently guided the front road. As soon as I finished my explanation, he immediately asked the shop keeper who was behind me. He started to explain the opposite road which was actually the nearest one. I felt sorry for instructing him the long route.
As I was quietly walking further, a watch man of a company requested me to help him to draw money from the ATM. In spite of having a fresh memory of the earlier experience I still went with the smiling face and helped him to draw the money. In-fact I trained him so that he could learn to draw money by himself.
Often we fall prey for the judgment of others to determine our GIVING. There are so many incidents that made a few people not to help any more in their life. If we are authentic in helping someone in need and if it your nature never look back from helping. Never stop doing good. Remember it is an opportunity for you to be who you are and to be grateful for the thousand people who have helped you in disguise.

Written by Roshan Dsouza

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