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It is only when go down the lanes of our memory line that we become aware of the existence of a care free life once lived in the early days of our lives. It is so cherishing to remember the games such as cricket, football, or some games so simple as lock and key or hide and seek games with friends. Those were also times where we could just watch favourite cartoons of TV. We could also find happiness in 1-rupee candy floss or the Pepsi cola … Or our ride to home in the school bus.
It was all fun, but it added special colour to our life. But today the tragedy is that somehow, we have got stuck in a rat race. The world has become a competitive place to live in. Everyone wants to outdo each other with more degrees and more qualification. A kind of frantic comparisons in life with others regarding wealth, power, position has made life a miserable place. What is at stake or what is lost in this mad race is the our true essence of life.

On this children’s day let us pledge to pay attention to the kid in us. Let’s inculcate a sense of wonder, happiness, curiosity, excitement and persistence and allow the child in us to grow.. Let’s lift our faces to behold the shining stars, flowing river, blowing wind and be kind to our fellow human beings. . Wishing all our readers a happy day!

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