On one Sunday evening around 7 or so, I went to my favorite restaurant to have some chat. Without much thought I ordered for Pav Bajji as it is my favorite. While I was waiting I happened to look at the staff working over there. There were 2 to 3 of them who went about doing their job. One of them in particular caught my attention. He was pleasant, enthusiastic and hospitable. Something inside of me felt that I must speak to this person. So I walked over to him and greeted; Hello! How are You? Though I began talking to him casually soon I realized that he was sharing his story. I was so touched by the enthusiasm of this guy that I felt its worth sharing.
This guy had no basic education and no money for living in the village. So he decides to migrate to the city and ends up in Bangalore. He wanted to work as a cook in a restaurant. Since he was unskilled even for this job he ended up washing the cars. The job neither gave him any satisfaction nor excitement. To peruse his dream of becoming a skilled cook he quit washing the cars and started looking for the job that he liked. Finally he got in to a restaurant and learnt the art of cooking.
This guy inspired me. He is truly happy and enthusiastic about the present job. The same can be felt by the customers who come here. He radiates joy. I also learned that he is soon going to his village for vacation and he is pretty much excited about it. Something that he said when I asked about his home I still remember. ‘My first priority is to take care of my family. I am going to give loads of happiness to them. Job is secondary which I can find easily since I have the will to work anywhere’.
I enjoyed the Pav bajji as never before and walked away feeling the tinge of happiness in doing what one is passionate about.
There is inspiration everywhere. Miracles do happen daily. All what we need to do is to be aware, listen and talk to people. We are obsessed by the Social Media stories posted by our friends and family. There are no real emotions involved in these digital stories. The real social media is out there in our homes, streets, restaurants etc. where you find people who you need, as well as who need you.

Written by Roshan Dsouza

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