Our universe though vast is most tangible one to each. It is able communicate to us as intimately as anyone can imagine.  If only we take some time to be with nature it will unfold its stories before us teaching us great lessons. Unaware of ourselves it will lead us to the core of our being where everything is “perfect, beautiful, and peaceful. I became aware of this great wisdom when I sat before the sea one evening reflecting on the life’s vicissitudes. Gradually I was led to the one ‘single’ yet ‘profound’ thought of beautiful pearls which are formed in the deepest part of the sea by the ordinary oysters. The story of this small yet precious pearl brought home to me some of the important lessons. What struck me most was its origin. A pearl takes its birth when a foreign substance slips into the oyster between the mantle and the shell, which irritates the mantle. This ‘irritant’ can be grain of sand, a bit of food or a bacteria. To avoid its disturbance the oyster begins to form layers with its own nacre. And over the time they transform into smooth and shiny round object which is a miracle to the eyes.  

As I was still reflecting upon it, I became aware of the various irritants I face in my life. This ‘irritants’ is normally appears in the one name ‘ego’. This ego projects every day in life’ as rejection, pain, failure, insult, losses, diseases, the list goes unending. Contrary to this the universe also presents an alternate life that is filled with love, peace, joy and happiness. But these things are not ready made or provided overnight. To find these I need to make painful journeys like that of a pearl. Like the nacre in the body of oyster I have the power which the universe has bestowed on me to embrace and integrate into my life. By integrating the daily pain such as rejection, pain, failure, insults and losses I can change these into beautiful life-giving experiences. As I came out of this reflection I saw the beautiful sight of sunset where it seemed to me as though the of sun conversing with water. When I saw it I understood that its time to walk back home to retire for the day. I was ready to go back but with a difference: the universe already had set a remainder to me “to embrace ‘irritants’ and   transform them into ‘pearls’.

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