clasped-hands-comfort-hands-people-45842.jpeg Kindness of strangers

I had once been to Mumbai’s busiest Dadar station at 7.30pm to receive my sister. Train had already arrived.  I was a bit late. Thanks to the Mumbai traffic. You can never reach on time.  I met my sister in the station and wanted to call the driver and then I realize that I had lost the purse. The purse had some cash and the drivers number. I walked to and fro on the 6th platform frantically looking for the purse but there was no signs of it.  Setting a final glance at the station I got into the vehicle. Just then my driver shows me the missing purse.
How did he get it?  Certain “Yadav” had found my purse at the station, found in it driver’s number, called and  handed it over to him and disappeared.
My heartfelt thanks to Mr.Yadav. It’s amazing to know that in this busy and corrupt world there are people honest and sincere who have the art of taking time for others and making this world a beautiful place to live in.

By :-  Nathalia Dsouza

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