Roshan Dsouza, is a highly acclaimed digital/Social media influencer through his work on writing content related to social and human values along with collaborating with other writers.  On the Hummingviews brand, he also has organic  farming to enable a healthy lifestyle. Also he and his team mentor nearly  a thousand students on Digital marketing, story writing  and organic farming. Currently, the website has monthly one million views on a consistent basis. 


Apart from the success, he has a very healthy lifestyle. He is calm and composed. And he has a great ability to convert problems into opportunities. Always joyful nature. He finds happiness in giving opportunities to others.     

He strongly believes in Giving,  So he also has a trust above everything.  So Part of the earnings goes to hummingviews trust which is used to provide food to the needy,  and help educate children.  

Travelling lifestyle

He loves to travel a lot where there is a high presence of natural landscapes. He is fascinated by the new culture, colour, food and landscapes which he ultimately writes in the blog. 

Reading Lifestyle

He believes in reading because by reading one can learn from others experiences and also avoid mistakes. Also it helped him to enhance his ability to write better content and storytelling.  


He believes hobbies are developed to keep oneself relaxed. Despite busy schedules he loves gardening. Playing some music and travelling.  He also loves to bring souvenirs from different places and place it in his new home.  

Other Activities 

He always emphasizes learning new things through experimenting with new ideas. As a habit he loves meeting new people to discover new stories and new facts.  He owns a unique type of farm house  fully powered by green energy.

Quotes that inspired from the books

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe” Simon Sinek

“Talent counts, But Effort Counts Twice” By Angela Duckworth

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