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River generally reminds us of constant flow of life. But here was a river which was the other way round rightly named as Lazy River. Well, I came across this river as part of our Picnic Package. The Upfront board “Lazy River” amused me. The sight of it was totally unattractive and less inviting. But I noticed people rushing towards it to have a ride and I too followed in with my community members. It was interesting to know that the base of the river was lazy and the one who wishes to have a ride must have the goal to reach the destiny. I learnt my first lesson: “Have a clear Goal in Life”.
With Enthusiasm we got in to the water. We were provided with one ring where two people have to move, sitting in the opposite directions. Seated on one single ring both could not travel in two individual directions but one single destiny. So we had to make a choice. Once we were in the water with a clear destiny, the most interesting facts unfolded. In the middle of the river if we did not help ourselves we would reach nowhere. Sometimes we were with the crowd, we helped each other to move the rings, but did not last long. Throughout the journey the presence of the companion was most precious and life giving. I learnt my second lesson:”We are interconnected, We need each other.”
Remember the Base was lazy, we never felt its movement. We could have blamed the river for not flowing, instead we started talking to each other making fun and seriously teaching one another how to paddle the ring,here to hold and how to push. Time and again we reminded ourselves about the destination. As the time went on we started enjoying the journey unpacking the stories c whildhood memories etc.. I learnt my third lesson: “Have courage and the journey will unfold itself.”
It took almost half an hour to reach the destined place. And we did not want to come out of the water. We were absolutely happy in the lazy and flow-less river. Yes we enjoyed the flow of energy and positive vibration that kept us moving. I learnt my forth lesson: – “Positive Vibration Keep us going.”
As I Came out from the river I remembered a quote that was written in my dairy gifted by my sister long ago “The day you take complete responsibility of yourself, the day you stop any excuses, that’s the day you begin your journey to the Top”.
Author:-Cynthia Dsouza SSpS

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  1. Really such a beautiful lesson I had ever read before.
    With this my quote:
    Everyday, every work, every time in our life teaches a good lesson to us, but only pupils who understand the crises and trouble are identify the lesson in that.

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