Cling…Cling…I felt someone close to me was passing by. I pulled myself back concentrating on that silent whisper. Yes it was the sound of my beloved Anklets…I looked around for my Anklets… All of a sudden I wanted them… I wanted my beloved Anklets…which my aunt gifted me for my 10th birthday. They were very special to me.

You may wonder why these Anklets are special to me. As a child I had enjoyed wearing Anklets until one day they were lost in woods. I was very much saddened for suddenly there was silence. I could no more her the sweet sound to which I had got used to. I knew my mom wouldn’t give me another one because loosing them was not acceptable to my mother. I never even dared to ask. But silently I used to cry when I used to hear the sound of any Anklet.

So days and months passed by without Anklets and there came one fine day my Birthday. There was celebration at home. Cake was brought, song was sung and I was happy and grateful to God for the life I enjoyed. It was now evening. Sun was almost hidden under the black veil of the sky. In that twilight hour I heard the dog barking indicating someone’s arrival. I ran to see the guest. I was so enthusiastic. As I opened the door I saw a far relative of mine with her two kids. Her coming itself surprised me because she had lost her husband and two sons within the span of a month, in the same year. As usual I greeted her and got busy with the celebration. Few minutes passed by. She and her two daughters were warmly welcomed at home and were served tea and snacks. Then my aunt stood in front of me keeping open her palms with a set of Shining ANKLETS.

I was wonderstruck. What a Joyful feeling it was. The thought that I would hear those sweet sounds again filled me with happiness. For a second I was in the air. But soon I came down to the ground. I somehow felt uneasy to accept the gift from her as she was poor and lost everything in the recent past. I looked at my mom in confusion and she noded her head indicating that I must accept.

My mom then asked her the reason for buying those anklets for me. She replied, “I saw her legs without anklets”. When I heard this my heart cried for that poor mother. I whispered ‘How thoughtful and generous she is, Inspite of her poverty and difficulties she had noticed my bare legs. When she had all the reason to cry over her emptiness, she thought of me”. Today I do not have those anklets anymore, neither am I crazy about them but definitely I carry the love with which she adorned my bare legs. Today my bare ankles remind me of the value of giving and giving not out of abundance but even from one’s nothingness.

Cling…Cling… Give Joyfully…Give until it hurts, a lesson learnt for a life time.

Written By: Cynthia Dsouza SSpS


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  1. Simple and salient story
    When I was reading for a minutes I felt that character girl is passing by me like a melodrama.

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