There is this housekeeping staff who cleans everyday my office and the offices in the ground floor. One day she was dusting my cabin, bent down almost touching the ground. I heard a strange sigh. I turned and asked ‘Are you okay?’. At first she said nothing, just nodded which I am supposed to understand as all is okay with her.

She returned to me a while later and said ‘I actually was not well since last night, but now I feel better after taking an analgesic’. Something in me prompted me to have a conversation with her. And her story definitely worth sharing. She is from a remote village in Maharashtra. When rest the teenagers at her age in a city like Mumbai enjoyed their transition to adulthood she was already married and had three kids. Two boys and a girl. Her parents lived a little far away. One night there was no food in the house. Her husband came home fully drunk. She didn’t know what to do. She would tolerate hunger but keeping kids hungry was something she couldn’t think of. With heavy heart she confronted her drunken husband. In return he beat her on the head in front of her children.

The next day she woke up not knowing what to do. But determined to move to the city. She wanted a better future for her children. She wanted to educate them and become successful. At least she didn’t want them to end up like her. With the help of her brother she came to Mumbai and joined a Hospital nearby as housekeeping staff. At first the job was difficult and hard. She wasn’t used to the type of work she was assigned. She cried for 15 days and then realized crying doesn’t solve all problems of life. It’s the courage to face the LIFE as it comes that matters.

For once she thought differently and the life was different ever since. She started feeling better and the family too felt the positive vibes. Things started changing for her. She once again felt like living and not only just living but living with enthusiasm. Her children are studying very well despite coming from village schools. She speaks with so much conviction that it feels like her life is an inspiration.

For any change in life it takes courage. Courage to leave the familiar shores; Courage to take that single step; courage to face the unknown. Not everyone can do this but one who does definitely wins the race of life.

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