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It was my 34th Birthday. For this birthday I had an idea of doing something different. I thought of spending  few hours with Amar a boy who was  admitted in the hospital with Skin deformity and Bone TB. To make the matters worse he had adverse drug reaction due to which his whole body had rashes. This had left him confined to bed since the last 9 months. I sat beside him quietly for a while and offered him the fruits and the coconut water that I had brought along. I even spent a little time talking to his mother.  After a while Amar began talking to me with a broad smile and plenty of happiness.

As I got up to leave Amar did a strange thing that left me dumbfounded.  He put forward his right hand and said THANK YOU. Without hesitation I gave my hand which turned out to be a blessed Handshake.  My eyes were filled. I felt a kind of energy that was so different and so enlivening. I was moved by the confidence of that sick boy. He could connect with the compassionate energy that surrounded him and could quickly respond to it without hesitation even if he knew his hands were sickening and infected.

Though a small gesture of AMAR left me disturbed, I was mighty happy that I could feel my heart growing larger to embrace hapless, helpless humanity.


By Cynthia Dsouza 


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