For me travelling in a metro in Bangalore on busy working days is a silent affair of 30 minutes journey mostly standing. Rarely one gets a seat to sit except sometimes when the metro reaches prominent places where many people get down to their destination. It is during one of these daily endeavours that I got a seat to sit in the middle of a journey. But just then I realized that there was aged lady standing in front of me who needed this place more than me.  So, I left the place for her to sit and in turn she thanked me for my generosity.  In the next stop I there was seat beside her which fell empty. She immediately asked me to sit and she initiated a conversation with me. Being a grandmother, she started asking questions that come under her purview such as whether I stay alone? What do I eat? Where do I eat? or whether the bag that I carry is heavy?  etc.  As the conversation continued, I told her that I cook for myself which made her feel very happy.  Then she asked me whether I make Chapatis’? to which I replied once upon a time when I lived in a hostel as per duty, I did make lot of chapatis’. The next question that was in line was whether I got freedom in the hostel to which I started explained. I said it’s all about the perspective one holds in life on the concept of freedom.  Every institution in the world has certain rules and if bind myself to it I am ought to follow this. She having been delighted with my answer asked me a further question about what are the advantages and disadvantages being in the hostel? Then I said, we cannot define any advantages or disadvantages. It’s all about how one identifies a new experience within the limited space.

Just then I realized that I need to get down in the next station as my destination to which I was heading had been arriving. I wished her all the best and bid her good bye. As I was walking towards my home, I felt very happy to be able to answer all her question in a convincing manner.  This was possible only due to the reflective capacity which I carried through every experience.  

We all have experiences in our life.  Whether it is bad or good, they all help us in one or the other way. There are no bad experiences as such. It’s all about how you interpret them and explain them within or to someone else.

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