It was the hottest day in summer that was filled with lot of humidity around. One could feel the literal vaporizing of the water in the air. The scorching sun was inhaling every little drop of water from the ground so mercilessly, making even the bees very difficult to find a droplet of honey on the flowers. Trees and plants could feel the suffocation that created by the scorching sun. Added to this there was a grand silence as wind fell in total silence that otherwise could have given some respite to the creation itself. Under these circumstances it looked to me that the entire species on the earth is trying to take shelter under the shadows of the great and magnificent trees.

It was to my surprise suddenly I saw the dark clouds rising from one corner of the sky. The sun after being so cruel was beginning to set in the west in between the dark clouds. The heavy wind started to break the grand silence of the nature causing fear of hurling down even the strong and mighty trees. The creatures such birds and animals, including the ants seem to know what was to come and were in a hurry to return to their nests. The butterflies were in full mood to welcome their guest, the first rain after a long time. When the wind stopped the great silence returned once again giving way to the mighty powerful lightening to kiss the earth with its power of light and energy. Then I could see the first droplets of water falling to the earth so gently. The whole earth looked to me as if it was waiting with thirst to receive this fine precious droplet of pearls.

After all was over, the earth looked so calm, quenching its thirst and the thirst of all its children making a flawless paradigm shift from scorching hot weather into Icy cool weather.

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