Woman is Core essence of the family. She has the power of winning the whole world. She shoulders the responsibility of family as well as Society. Since she is always focused on the well being of the family and society, she tends to forget her own health. It is important to maintain energy for a life of stress in the present day world.

Here are few guidelines:

  1. Balanced diet can help prevent fatigue and tiredness. It should include nutrients like carbohydrate, fat, Vitamins, minerals and water.
  2. Daily meals should include raw vegetables, leafy vegetables and fruits in abundance. These contain high amount of Iron, calcium, fiber, minerals and vitamins.
  3. Drink 2-3 liters of water per day. Moderate coffee / tea consumption can also boost one’s mental health.
  4. Drinking Aloe Vera juice in the empty stomach will make you energetic, up and running all through the day and also some amount of dry fruits.
  5. Exercise is essential along with the balanced diet. Regular exercise and physical activity can help keep the body and mind healthy. Activity such as walking, swimming, sports, gardening, cycling etc can give good exercise to one’s body and mind.
  6. With all these, a conscious mind is always healthy.

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Written By : Chaitra R Rao|Nutritionist

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